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You pick 2, SPRING Candles! - 8oz Twin Pack

You pick 2, SPRING Candles! - 8oz Twin Pack


 Build your own twin-pack from our new 2023 candles!  Our Long Winter collection celebrates how Minnesotans make it through 5+ months of winter to get to springtime.   How do we do it?  We embrace it and throw a winter canival, complete with an Ice Palace!   An ode to the anual event, Ice Palace is scented of marine + eucalyptus + balsam and is both invigorating and tranquil.  Our new Crocus Hill candle is a nod to the historic St. Paul neighborhood and smells like crocus flower + neroli + jasmine tea.  And finally, Spring Thaw is the calming atmospheric scent of muddy earth + damp wood + budding green things, somehow captured in a candle!  It's very similar to the earthy scent of walking into a greenhouse or the Como Conservatory.  


Each candle comes hand poured in our iconic 8oz. glass jars.  Treat yourself or a dear friend with this cheeky spring candle collection, and include a free handwritten gift note. 

  Our 8oz candles have a burn time of 40-45 hours. As always, our candles are made with 100% pure soy wax for a toxin-free burn, and sustainably sourced wooden wicks, proudly poured right here in Minnesota.  


    We confidently ship our candles via USPS Priority.  USA! USA! USA!... ya, you get the idea. 


    We don't get no satisfaction if you're not satisfied with your candles!  We want you to love your candles.  If something's wrong we want to fix it. Email us with your concerns and we'll do everything we can to make it right. 


    Ice Palace - marine + eucalyptus + balsam

    Crocus Hill - rocus flower + neroli + jasmine tea

    Spring Thaw - muddy earth + damp wood + budding green things

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